Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bud Selig East chase

Indians bid for Selig East threepeat

August 25  One might protest that the Bud Selig East is an arbitary sampling of teams and that its champion is rather a fluke because of it. But how does that differ from how the Major League Baseball regular season is structured to decide which clubs go to the playoffs?

First Division

Today's standings

Put a fork in the Angels for survival in top division

September 15, 2015

August 25 — The Angels produced an absolutely terrible weekend at the Big A, losing all three games to the Toronto Blue Jays by a combined score of 36-10. The three losses all but assure that the Angels are headed for relegation to the Second Division in 2016.September 15 — Here are the standings across the Major Leagues through September 13 (or later) in all the competitions, including the Henry Aaron, Dick Allen and Harmon Killebrew traveling trophies, the West, East and Center regional leagues, the ordinal divisions with promotion and relegation, and, of course, the Major League playoff races, among others.

West League

Henry Aaron Award

Fiers starts WL series tossing  no-hitter against Dodgers

Bosox welcome Dombrowski with Henry Aaron Award

August 21 — Houston Astros right-hander Mike Fiers launched a key series against the Dodgers with a no-hitter Friday night, giving the Astros a two-game lead on the Dodgers in the West League. This weekend's series is the only time the two top clubs in the loop will meet this year.August 21 — The Henry Aaron Award and David Dombrowski arrived in Boston right at the same. With Dombrowski taking over as President of Baseball Operations for the Red Sox, the hub club has popped up with enough unlikely heroics to mount a second Aaron defense, and against the Kansas City Royals, even.

First Division

Harmon Killebrew Award

Cardinals, Giants play top tier stretch of critical games

Yanks topple Twins, keep Harmon Killebrew Award

August 18 The San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals are right next to each other on top of the First Division standings, separated by 10 percentage points through Tuesday's games. They will meet five more times in little more than the next week, and the championship is likely to ride on those games.August 18 The Minnesota Twins still lead the Harmon Killebrew Award standings after a big run of wins early this season. However, the New York Yankees are coming on strong and now have three Killebrews this year, the most of any team. Now that the Yankees have defended the Killebrew by winning the first two games of their series with the Twins this week, it remains to be seen if they will use this chance to overtake the Twins in the overall standings.

Henry Aaron Award

Second Division

Iwakuma no-no preserves Aaron Award for Mariners

Race is on, top to bottom

August 13 — Seattle Mariners right-hander Hisashi Iwakuma threw the first no-hitter in the history of any traveling trophy last week, leading the Seattle Mariners to a 3-0 win against the Baltimore Orioles in Seattle. Iwakuma's gem gave the Mariners their first Henry Aaron Award title defense in more than four years.August 13 — The Second Division is shaping up as a tight race to the top and away from the bottom in the final few weeks of the season. The Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers are the top clubs bucking for promotion right now, with the Cincinnati Reds in the best position to overtake one of them before it all ends.

West League

Third Division

Astros improve, stop scoring

D-Backs cruise to top of Third

August 12 — The Houston Astros improved their starting rotation and their everyday lineup at the trade deadline, then started losing. In a flash, they lost a substantial West League lead and now have been overtaken on the top of those standings by the Dodgers.August 12 — The Arizona Diamondbacks are one of the game's hottest clubs right now, holding the Dick Allen Award for 10 games and taking the lead in the Third Division. Remarkably, they're doing it with first baseman Paul Goldschmidt producing like something a little better than an ordinary hitter.

First Division

Henry Aaron Award

LA clubs fight to stay in tier

Aaron lead safe with Dodgers

August 3 — The Dodgers improved their status in the First Division during the first weekend of August, but at the expense of the Angels. The Dodgers swept three games from the Orange County club, pushing themselves slightly out of the relegation zone while the Angels fell to last place in the top tier. Time is running out for both clubs. The Angels have only six First Division games remaining, and the Dodgers have only 10. The Dodgers now are 13-18 in the First Division, while the Angels have fallen to 5-11.August 3 — Josh Hamilton hit a two-run homer for the Texas Rangers Sunday, giving his club a 2-1 win against the San Francisco Giants, along with retention of the Henry Aaron Award. Because the Aaron remains in the American League, the Dodgers are safe with their lead in the Henry Aaron standings.


Harmon Killebrew Award

Local deadline trades solid

Hot Yanks have Harmon

August 1 — The Angels and Dodgers each made helpful moves going up to the July 31 trading deadline, though neither club made big headlines across the game. The Dodgers added depth to their pitching rotation, while the Angels added veteran outifielders who will give them flexibility.August 1 — Dominating the American League East as they are, the New York Yankees are one of the surprise teams in the Major Leagues. And it's always surprising when the Yankees are surprising. In addition to leading their division for the last 30 days, the Yankees now hold the Harmon Killebrew Award.


East League

Angels unique in expansion

Mets fly to top of East League

August 1 — Just going by the regular season histories, the Angels are the most successful expansion franchise in the history of Major League Baseball, being the only expansion franchise with a winning record historically. The Angels went over. 500 in July 2014 and they have kept winning.August 1 — New York Mets second baseman Wilmer Flores, all but unknown a week ago, has become a national folk hero this week, first for his public display of sadness when he thought the Mets traded him, then for beating the Washington Nationals almost by himself Friday night when it turned out the Mets didn't trade him. Flores pushed the Mets back into a tie on top of the East League.